Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Four More Days Until Paradise !

The countdown is on and my boyfriend and I have 4 more days before we leave on our vacation ! We are so excited, I can't wait to just lay out on the beach and listen to the ocean and just enjoy some quality time with my lovely boyfriend !

I have all my clothes packed early because if I wait until last minute I would be up all night trying to pack and I hate having that sort of anxiety. The only thing I need to pack the night before is all of my toiletries. I also need to decide where I am going to fit all 6 of my cameras I am bringing on vacation. A girl can never have to many cameras...right ? Since I am all into film cameras now. I am bringing 4 film cameras, one digital and my flip !

Here is a rundown of the cameras I am bringing with me.

This cutie is the Fisheye 2 camera in pink !! Love it so much, I haven't taken any pictures with it yet but the pictures come out really cool..they look like a fisheye.

This is the underwater submarine case that goes with the Fisheye 2 camera so I can get all those cool underwater shots !

This is the Diana Mini En Rose so cute...very soft pretty pictures !

This is my Flip video camera have to get all those amazing videos where a camera just isn't enough.

This is my handy little samsung dual view digital camera...I love this point & shoot camera because I can take pictures of myself all day and I won't ever cut off my head !

This is my supersampler camera which has 4 lenses and you get 4 pictures in one. This is one of my favorite cameras because the pictures are just so cool !

Last but certainly not least this is my newest addition to my camera family. My Canon AE-1. This baby is a 30 year old vintage slr 35mm camera. This really takes some nice pictures. I finally tested it out and you can check out the pictures on my photography blog.

These are the fabulous cameras I am bringing with me on vacation and that isn't even all of my cameras..haha !! Crazy I know .. as long as I have my 6 cameras CHECKED OFF MY LIST and my bathing suit I am all ready.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend and I will update you all when I get back !


  1. How cute is this camera and I'm so jealous you get a vacay! Have a great time honey! Kori xoxo

  2. Wow! Those cameras are amazing! I love how cute the little Diana Mini one is!! :) Thank you so much for stopping by my blog again-I know it's been forever since my last I really appreciate you coming back to say hi! :) Have fun on your vacay & I can't wait to see pictures from all of these cool cameras!