Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh and....

Geesh time flies when your busy !! I have had a lot going on these last few weeks. The most important thing is I am done shopping for my vacation...yippee !! The countdown is on and I am preparing for island mode. I just have two more weeks and I will be enjoying the sun in Dominican Republic and I can't wait !!

In the meantime, I finally found a friend that was willing to take some time and model for me so that I can build my photography portfolio !! If you want to check it out head over to my new photography blog ! Show me some love if you just like to look at pictures from time to time ! I had a lot of fun and I think I may be setting up another artsy photo shoot with someone else this weekend !

Oh and I had a great weekend I went to a friends party and had so much fun and then on the way home I got a freaking speeding ticket for doing 52 in a 35 on some country road. I was so pissed because doing 52 in my car is like doing 35 mph ! I don't know how much it will be yet but I am just upset because I don't have any tickets on my record ! The cop was a real jerk and I told him I wasn't from around there and I didn't even see a speed limit sign ...I just feel like there is more important things happening in this world besides me driving at 52mhp. Give me a break. I can see if I was doing like 70 or 80 and weaving in and out of lanes but come on now, I feel like I was targeted because I have a sports car... I am so over it !!

Other then that life is great and I am looking at taking a film photography class in June I am so excited about it. I also decided to take a little break from making jewelry and redesign my etsy shop and come back with fun pieces so that has been challenging but fun ! I promise I will update soon.

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