Monday, May 2, 2011

Prince William and Kate

I must say I am really happy for Prince William and Kate. They dated for a long time. I believe it was 7 or 8 years. It has to take a strong woman to date a prince ! I think she has handled the press really well seeing that all eyes were on her for the last few months. They both took it in stride. I know Prince William has a long history with the press and his feelings about what happened to his mother must haunt him seeing that the press chased his mother ultimately leading to her death. However he reminds me so much of his mom and how classy she was !!

I couldn't wait to see the dress and then when I saw it I wasn't that impressed. This was her chance to really do something modern and just push the envelope a bit. I love the dress from the waste up but from the waste down I was disappointed, it took it back to the 80's for me at that point. I know she has guidelines to follow and it couldn't be anything normal in a since but she could have picked something better then that. To each is own she still looked pretty and it was cool that she did her own makeup !

I did like her second dress much better then the first one. It was still conservative but more modern to say the least. I personally think they will make it and they looked so happy and in love and I guess that is all that matters !

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