Monday, March 7, 2011

We booked a dream vacation ....

I am so excited that I am going to the Caribbean for the first time in May !! I usually travel with my best friend and cousin every year rather it's a trip to Vegas or a shopping spree in NYC we always make it a point to get together every year and do a little mini trip ! This year my cousin won't be able to go so we all decided to put our money aside and save for a nice vacation in 2012 ! However, I still needed a vacation soooo...

It's been years since I really took a nice beach vacation with out my family. I have been doing what I like to call " working vacations " for the past few years ! Working vacations like going to Vegas and although that is fun you still need to Casino hop and try and see so much and going to NYC you have to do all kinds of shopping and to me that is work. I finally decided I don't want to casino hop or shop all I want to do is lay out on the beach and listen to the waves and that is about it !

So my boo and I decided that we wanted to do an island vacation and let me tell you it's consumed my life for the past 2 or 3 weeks. Just trying to decide where to go. I had to stop myself at one point and realize that there is some serious issues going on in this world and I am worried about were to go on vacation ??!? So I realized I am pretty lucky if that is the worst of my problems..ha ! Anyway at first I really wanted to go to Curacao which is in the Neitherlands but they only had one all inclusive resort that got horrible ratings ! So that got marked with an x real quick.

I had to really sit and think where do I want to go because of course he left it all up to me ! So after many weeks of searching we decided to go to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic !! Whoop !! We are so excited about it plus I always wanted to go ! We are staying at an all inclusive beach front resort ! We have an upgraded swim up suite all we have to do is walk out the back of our room into a little garden terrace that has our own private jacuzzi and jump right into the pool ! Plus All the alcohol, food and water sports are included. There is six a la carte restaurants and 11 bars to choose from  ! We won't have to leave the resort plus room service is included !! There is also a casino on the resort and much more!! May just can't come fast enough !! This will be our first all inclusive paid vacation and we are so thrilled about it ! We really don't have to worry about anything ! We booked a dream vacation !!

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  1. My bro and sis in law are going to the Dominican in July, and I have been dying to go since hearing their trip details. You will have a blast!!!!!!!