Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Boycott List

Today I decided to make my boycott list public ! I have had a boycott list for several years now. The reason I created this mental list is because I think some celebrities get out of control , crazy and so don't appreciate the life they have at times ! It's people like you and I that make these celebrities bank accounts so I pledged to myself that I would boycott celebrities that rub me the wrong way.

My Boycott List :

1. R Kelly --R Kelly has been in the r&b scene for a long time and he has managed to date young girls like Alliyah (before she died & was under age ) and made a sex tape with a 14 year old child. This was years ago and I remember seeing scenes and pictures and after that I was done ! He is a true pig and I don't buy his music or go to his concerts. That is an automatic, everyone should boycott him.

2. Usher -- I used to have the biggest crush on Usher when I was like 13 and he seemed innocent back then. Now I have a few friends that have met him and he was the biggest a** to them. Plus when he cheated on Chilli from the group TLC..I was over him. I remember Chilli coming on the radio talking about it. Then Usher turns around and writes confessions ..seriously ?? Then he got married a couple of years ago and just recently got a divorce and writes a song called "papers" Who kisses and tells..I mean really ..give me a break.

3. Taye Diggs- I really can't stand Taye Diggs..he is best known for his role in " Stella got her groove back " and he currently has a role in the show Private Practice. I really wanted to start watching that show when it first came on but because he is on there I refuse !! He made a statement in a magazine once and said all of his shows that he is a leading character in fails because black women boycott his shows because he is married to a white woman. First of all I don't care who he is married to and second of all that is so ignorant to assume all black women don't watch his shows. I was done with him after that. He apparently has an issue with women of color ...and that is really sad to me.

Those 3 are my major boycotts and I have a few others but I will save that for another time. Does anyone else boycott like I do ? I know I have friends that refuse to watch Angelina Jolie because they think she took Brad away from Jen. I don't agree. What do you think ?


  1. I think I have a list similar to that one, but with coworkers lol

  2. Why are all the boycotts against black men?

    I don't think anyone can "take" someone away from someone else. If you're doing what you're supposed to be doing as a loving, helpful partner, and the other person leaves, then they weren't really there for you to begin with.

  3. Djgmom...I boycott them all for apparent different reasons..not because they are black men..and that should be very obvious !

  4. It is true that we all have people that we are not fans of and don't support and choose to boycott for one reason or another for good reason!!

    However, I think a bunch of the stars need to take a step back and think about how they got where they are...If not for the fans they wouldn't be where they are today!!

    PS: we boycott Brangelina not just Angelina!!! We don't watch Brad either...they are both horrible for what they did to Jen. I refuse to watch anything they are in!!

  5. Except Taye Diggs didn't actually blame black women for the cancellations of his shows. Did you even read the interview in question? I am puzzled by all this Taye Diggs hate based on an article that is so heavily misquoted.