Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gash Jewels

I am still alive !! I promise I will get back on the horse and start blogging more often and I still need to make my vlog and answer all the questions from my Ask and I shall tell post. Which I will probably make it this weekend. So let me fill you in. I had a nice fun filled weekend..well to me it was fun. I went to my friend's house and we made lots of fun jewelry pieces. We opened up a new Etsy shop and the name is Gash Jewels..short for Gena and Ashley = Gash !! Love it !! Anyway here are some pictures of what we created.

These are just a few pieces..check out the Etsy shop to see more pictures of my new jewelry collection. This is my latest obsession ! It's so much fun to me to be able to create something that is in your heart.


  1. Gorgeous AND talented!

    I've left you an award on my blog, my dear <3

  2. What darling necklaces...

    Sassy Chica

    thanks for your recent encouragment and love!!