Monday, February 8, 2010

Kim Verses Kendra

I am so not a football fan. It is like a foreign language to me, but I was going for Kim. I made it fun and about the wives and girlfriends of the NFL superstars. All I know is that Kim's man Reggie plays for the Saints and Kendra's husband Hank plays for the Colts. The reason why I was rooting for Kim and Reggie was because they just got back together and it would be nice to see the Saint's win. Plus I heard they never won a super bowl before. I didn't even watch the game but I was excited to hear that they won. Go Kim !! LOL

I know Kendra was probably upset, she is a huge football fan, plus it seems like her hubby is sort of goofy and it pretty much just lucky from going from one good football team to another. He must have a dam good agent because I really don't see any true talent there. That is just my opinion.

I know the after parties down in Miami had to be just plain wild ! I kind of wish I was there for the weekend just to celebrate spot. However I retired from South Beach many years ago. I used to go every year for several years and it was off the chain wild parties & crazy long nights, but now that I am 30 I don't think I can hang like I used too. I wouldn't mind going on an off season, when I know the crowds are quiet !

Did any of you watch the game ? Who were you going for Kim or Kendra ? LOL


  1. my husband thinks kendra's man is going to get fired--he should have had that onside kick last night. i was going for the saints because of KK too...I just love them together!

    following you!

  2. Tiffany..I heard the same thing..this may be his last may Kendra can pay the bills now ! From her show on E !

  3. So funny you mentioned this, I was routing for the Saints because of Kim K :) My hubby thought I was crazy!

  4. This is too cute! I have to say that I can't stand Kendra. I will watch her show but she really does get on my last nerve. Kim has her moments too but bottom line I do like the Kardashians a lot! :) And Reggie seems like a cool guy.

    I heard that he and Kim were tiffing on the field though - he was pissed that she was down there "stealing his media thunder" - mostly because HI - my team just won the super bowl stop worrying about my girlfriend ;)

    I am happy the Saints won I like both teams (neither are my first choice) but it was fun to see them win!