Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall is about to arrive ....

Fall is about to arrive and I am so excited about all the stylish trends !! Everything from a chunky necklace to a really nice lower heel boot !! Love that because I really don't do heels like that so the chunky heel is making a come back !! This season I am definitely buying a staple boot !

Steve Madden

It is between a knee length boot and a shorter boot and I am not sure which one yet. I haven't found a shorter boot that I am in love with yet.  I think for this season I am going with all staple pieces which can make your outfit perfect !!

Off to the next subject...Gash jewels ! My friend and I have had to make a hard decision that we have thought long and hard about for over a month now. We decided that we need to have a more cohesive line. My business partner and I have so much in common when it comes to making jewelry. The problem is we want to do it all and we have a little bit of everything in our shop and that is not working. We needed to either go with all staple necklaces or wedding or mother and baby bracelets and we decided to go in an all NEW direction ! I can not wait until we re-launch our site !! More details to come soon !!

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