Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Celeb. Party List

My sister and I were talking one day last week and she asked me if I had a chance to party with celebrities on a party bus on the way to wherever and for me it would just be a night out for dinner what 10 celebrities would I pick !! Great question, right ??!?!!

Well I picked my favorite celebs and I based the list on who I think would get a long well and mesh well together !! I am also going to tweet some of these celebs and hopefully they will have time to read this and let me know what they think by leaving me a comment !!

My Party Bus Celebrity List :
  1. Kelly Ripa...love her she is so cute and of course I would invite for hubby
  2. Mark Consuelos-- Hot !!
  3. John Legend -- Love his music !
  4. Maxwell... his music speaks to my soul
  5. Khloe Kardashian -- she is so cool ..I heart her and her sister
  6. Kim Kardashian -- I live for there show every Sunday on E !!
  7. Gwen Stefani -- her style is so chic
  8. Serena Williams -- I channel her when I play Tennis...umm well in my head..lol
  9. Bridget from the " Girls Next Door " I love that she loves to bake cupcakes !
  10. Drew Barrymore -- She has been through it all and is still a super star..love her
OK so you tell me what you think ?  I think if I can get all of these celebs on one party bus off to a fabulous dinner party there would be so much to talk about !! I think all of there personalities would mesh is some way and it would be one dinner party I would never forget !!

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  1. I think your list is wiggety wiggety WHACK!! You need to post my list.