Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Photography is on my mind

I have so much to talk about and I think I will start with my photography.It has been my latest hobby as of the last few months !! It was a slow start and now I am doing photo shoots just about every weekend and I love it. I am no normal photographer. I enjoy doing what they call fantasy shoots aka themed shoots. It truly tells your version of the story. Here is a collection of some of the pictures from the shoots I have done over the past couple of months

These last two pictures I took with film

To check out more from each shoot follow me on my photography blog if you like to get lost in a dream world.


  1. Those are pretty cool...I also checked out your photography blog. Your themed shots are nice, like they tell a story. The shots of Ariel are nice, too. I prefer the black and white one where he's sitting on a bench. Seems dramatic. But the "right" photo would depend on the style of music, too.