Monday, May 3, 2010


OK so who watched Ruby the season finale last night ? It was so good. I love the show and Ruby is so courageous for sharing her journey with the world ! When she started her journey she was over 700lbs and when the show started she was well over 400lbs and now she is down to the low 300's. I really hope she finds the strength to get under 300lbs and gets the surgery to remove the excess skin. I think that would give her the extra boost to take it all the way home.

The only thing that bothered me this season is that they really focused on her not remembering her childhood before the age of 13. I can understand that it bothers her, but she needs to get hypnotized to remember her past and I can't believe no one has suggested that to her. I even wrote to her on her fan page last season and told her to get hypnotized but she didn't this season which leads me to believe that they do that for the show. I do believe she can't remember but if you really want to know then you will find out and there is a part of me that believes she really doesn't want to know. The truth will set you free and with her food addiction she really needs to find out why she is the way she is.

All in all I can't wait until she finishes her journey and it is hard for anyone to loose weight and for her to do it in front of the world is amazing !!


  1. Ruby is one show that I've always wanted to watch but never gotten around to it. Maybe I'll have to check out the first season on Netflix.

  2. I meant to watch this show after she went on Oprah and totally forgot about it. Bummer!